Monday, July 17, 2006

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This Blog is a visionary project of Ankit Bahuguna to put in front the latest happenings and innovations of the present world of Science and Technology. We cannot deny the importance of the Science and Technology in any way as it has turned our lives easier and better than what was in the past. It is hence very much necessary to keep us up to date and informed regarding what is happening in the World.

As the second part of the blog title say "Dedicated to Thoughts". Ankit Bahuguna wants to put forward his very own "Open Platform" for thoughts here on this Blog. Here the visitors are open to comment on various aspects of life and how they can change the society in their own way. Here people can read and share the various experiences and stuff that make the headlines posted by Ankit Bahuguna.

With the nature being so diverse there is every opportunity available to us to learn and to get informed. With Information we can create a database of knowledge that will help us to achieve success and make our lives more easier than before.

My Thoughts begin here:

There is a reason why people say we shouldn't expect too much. No one wants to see someone they care about and end up disappointed. We Instinctively act to protect our own from being hurt and do what we can to make the right choices for the people we love. But the reason we have expectations in the first place is because we want to aim as high as we can because when you love someone there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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