Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take out your Umbrellas!!!

Its Raining "Cats and Dogs" here in Patna. It is well known that here when it rains it also brings floods in villages and even in the City. It is absolutely true as i witnessed during my visit here today in the morning. It was literally Pouring 'Heavily' from the heavens as the sky looked "Gloomy Grey" .But it wasn't good to begin the day with powercuts as early as 5 AM. And it was hard and hot. Infact it was Dry since it did not started to rain then and no wind too.

Water Pools Created in my Apartment Gardens
All my family members got up early today but for a different reason (i.e Power Cuts) though plan was to go to Hazipur for hiking and we had to cancel our trip to country site because of this downpour, which started in a quite awkward fashion.Reality was that it felt really bad to miss a day of travel and even a glimpse of chance to carry forward our trip were washed away soon as the rains went on and on and on....... We decided to enjoy the weather now with all plans Cancelled and all on our mind was to enjoy the rain even more, as it's not usual when we see rains for more than 7 Hours. The nature bathed away all the summer dust and paved way to greener and cooler atmosphere. After nearly 7 hours, the rain stopped with mild drizzle during it's final stages and wind settled down giving rise to a bit more humidity.

Waterlogged Road in front of my Apartment.

The "Jamun" Tree looks more greener due to Heavy Rains

But as i write to write this post, still under Gloomy Sky over my house, wind has started to blow across my house through my windows, that give me a very pleasing effect on my dull daily life. Cool and Calm may be the right words to describe such a weather.

Gloomy "Grey" Sky

Certainly, it was great day for Rain Lovers but not the same for travellers as it was a good and important day lost. But one more thing i would like to end with and it's the fact that people surely don't sing the song "Rain Rain Come Again ....." in this part of the world because repeated events such as these are quite menacing.

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