Saturday, August 30, 2008

I don't even know your name!!

You sat and listened me,
about the stuff that matter me.
Making me soft and pale,
and yet I don't even know your name?

Is everything alright?
Is there any problem?
The questions you asked
gave me comfort and faith
we developed a strong bond,
we shared a history
but still when i try to remember you
yet i find that,
I don't even know your name?

Why is it? What's the reason?
Why I don't know? What can i do?
I ask all the way to myself
the questions to inquire about you
the mind is asking and so is the heart
but yet only one thing comes upon
that i don't even know your name!

I hence decided to call you again- to ask your name;
and i finally i found that: it was the same usual name;
the same old tone and same person ;
so who was he-???
i understood that it was me - the inner me
who gave me strength and courage
to fight the odds and beat the world
he helped me all the way long.
yet i struggled to know the name!

i finally understood what the name was
because at last I finally deciphered who I was!!

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