Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Raksha Bandhan Today!

Happy Raksha Bandhan - Love to all my sisters!

It's festive season in India and alot of holidays as well. Today is Raksha Bandhan - An eternal festival to signify the relations between brothers and sisters. On this day the sisters tie a thread (Known as "Raki") knot on the wrist of their brothers and also wish for their well being. Since the Ancient history this festival has large significance in Indian Society. It was because of this peaceful festival that many wars were avoided, many family feuds were solved and it also prevented the shedding of innocent blood of the warriors of many dynasties.

Indeed such is the power of a brother - sister relation that i would too like to wish my sisters on this gloriuos day of Raksha Bandhan. Obviously i cannot participate in the knot tieing Ceremony being so far from where they live (which i really miss and wish to be there but i do hope they understand the situation i am in). So i must thank my sisters for the beautiful Rakhi's they send me over by post - They were indeed very beautiful and reflected the love they had for me.

Love you all!

And Happy Raksha Bandhan to each and every sister on this Planet including mine!

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