Friday, August 29, 2008

North Bihar - Flood Struck!!

North Bihar is reeling under the gravest flood situation for the state in the past 200 yrs as river 'Kosi' has shifted to an ancient route which it followed way back in the 18th century that now beholds the large rural population of north Bihar. Approximately 2.7 Million people have got the brunt of this calamity which is ofcourse a CATASTROPHE in itself. It has already been declared a National Calamity and the relief and rescue work is the greatest ever in the history of India - that itself defines what exactly the floods have caused.

My only point of posting this post here is the fact that i want the readers of my blog to pray and think for 1 minute in thier lives about those flood victims whose primary priority is not having food but to save their lives. May they survive this grave situation and the period that follows it.

May the victims have the power to face this grave situation.

I wish for a sooner and less painful recovery of the flood hit villages and people of Bihar.

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