Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rediscover The Lost!!

Rediscovery is the most enthralling part of our lives that we often fail to recognize in a timely manner. During the past one month i have been on the path of rediscovering myself from a point which was supposed to be a dark end in a person's life and as the days have gone by i have found out that life offers you a hell of a lot then what you expect .

All you need is the will and the desire to spot the things that fall for you and work accordingly. There are instances in our lives when you feel that things should have been better than this and questions like - why me? haunt you day and night but that's the perfect time that you move on the path of rediscovering who you were and what you are. Often there are failures that bring us down and we make out on those failures in 2 ways. One way we try not to get worried about what happened and want to move on and in the other way we look upon what went wrong and look back - learn from our mistakes and move on so that the mistakes do not get repeated again in the future. Obviously the Second method requires a lot of bravery and honesty as you have to be perfectly patient to answer all the questions that are aimed upon your efficiency. The biggest factor that people do not want to accept are the mistakes they commited and it does not allow people to do things in the manner that can be called correct. We overlook our mistaks not one...two..... but several million times in our life, but not once we try and think the situaton that could have been if we had not commited those mistaks or we had just the right time to clear out our mistaks. Very few people actually get that second Chance in their lives. The Chance which will make sure what actually you life will be and what you should actually pursue. The decision to take that chance is sololy upon the individual concerned and he/she must make full research about whether he needs to move forward with what he wants. Believing and trusting your mind at that instant can prove a hell of a lot differeent in our otherwise fake lifeless life.

The man is not known by what he earns but by the decisions he takes. Taking a decision is a very complex but important process. We take decisions almost every second of our lives. Our mind is the right engine that drives our decisions - gives us reasons and tells us all the pro's and cons about any topic which makes us feel confusing. Confusion is what creates doubt and that is what we need to come out of when we actually want to fialise on some thing. Often making the right choices in life is termed and known to be the most difficult thing in a pwerson's life but the fatct that the person's success is sololy depends on this factor. Yes Luck is nothing but a gift given by nature to mankind to take those correct decisions. A good luck suggests that the probability that the decision or the choice made was the right one is very high and that earmarks yet another success story.

So if any day you feel down and drugged try rediscovering yourself first try to accept your mistakes - and tell you right self when he criticizes you that "Yes, you are right!" and prepare your mind to pick the right choices from, the very basic level and more often than not i.e. 99% surely the success will be yours.

NOTE: This is what my personal feeling was after my failures and found that by doing somethings that i mentioned above made me more relaxed and allowed me to concentrate on my future freely after the miserable debacle of my life, turned me down badly.

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