Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Waverly Place

The winds are blowing too fast;
Too fast for me to think;
Think about the still and peace;
That used to be at this Waverly place.

That constant memory strokes,
that are reeling my head alone.
Are giving me dreams that I had in past;
Reliving the moments that i forgot;
Oh! Mystical winds there is -
definitely something about this Waverly Place.

But i can remember- Clear and Through.
I have a history with you,
an intimate bond that binds us both.
Makes me feel: Why I forgot? Why I left?
Was I right? Was I wrong?
Glitches in thoughts and memories remain
but i can never forget this Waverly Place.

Look the way I have changed,
I am not the one whom you knew by soul.
I have changed; so do the pathways to this place.
but one thing that hasn't changed -
Is this very strange Waverly Place!

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