Thursday, December 04, 2008

Raise your voice against Terror!

For some reason I do not wish to be in a situation where I have to discuss on terrorism. The simplest reason is the annoyance I have when such a discussion begins and my emotions that overflow over time. Everyone tells me that in the modern world like all other problems that we face, terrorism has too become a part of our lives and some day or the other with the growing number of attacks per day on the Indian continent we will have to face this grave situation ourselves. So what is the answer to the Terror attacks on Mumbai last week on 26.11.2008, Nevertheless the attack earmarked yet another success story for the terror outfits but also showcased how we Indians are fragile towards our own security. The terrorists that attacked the Taj Hotel and Trident (Oberoi) hotel were one of the most professionally trained Terrorist clearly showing signs when they took on out top marine forces for over 60 hours. This clearly indicates that now India is considered a battleground for terrorists that could stage the war on terror on a global level.

It is this very reason that we Indians need to recognize this very fact that now India is indeed unsafe. Month after moth we have numerous attacks in various states and then the same story continues. What actually is remarkable in all those attacks is that the terrorist are killed and the masterminds are caught each time but never the acts of violence are put to an end. This year has particularly witnessed a huge rise in the number of terror attacks on Indian soil. Be it the terror strikes on Mumbai or the serial blasts in Delhi, the serial blasts in Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Jaipur. And the sequence of finding 18 live Bombs in Surat – All of these indicate the extent to which all the terror outfits have reached in creating a havoc of “Brand India”.

The attack on “Taj Hotel” one of the heritage sites of our country, is a wake up call for all the senior level politicians for our country i.e. if we do not act now we will be witnessing worse situations in the near future. The brave souls of NSG, MARCOS and the Mumbai Police that laid their lives at bay so as to safeguard the people of India need to be ‘Saluted’ from the core of our hearts. God Bless the families of these brave men who fought and laid their live for the interest of this country.

Since such attacks continue month after moth and week after week, it now becomes our responsibility - no matter who you are, no matter from which section of the society we belong, we must be vigilant and act strong and united in the face of terror. When people die in terror attacks we don’t say a ‘Hindu died’ or a ‘Christian died’, all we say is an “Indian Died”. There is a reason why Indians are behind country wise when compared to US, UK or China. It is because of the pride we take for being an Indian; It’s far more less as compared to with people of other nationality. It might seem hard as to how many Indians would sacrifice their own interest for the service to the nation? The numbers are way too small for a right answer. From the Engineering to Medical Stream or the Management stream, the students who are top-notch from extremely top institutions of the country such as the IIT’s, IIM’s or the AIIMS make their name in the Foreign lands and no body serves in India. Even the Engineering graduates do not pursue their own career interests and take up a managerial job – clearly doing injustice to the country. India doesn’t even produce 1000 PHD’s an year as compared to 40,000 in China and U.S. per Year. So what is the reason? The answer is simple we Indians are awesome in our minds, but where we lack is the fact that we all are self centric and we pay little attention to the progress of our nation. The concept of “Chalta Hai” has eaten up our country for so long that attack after attack we are now getting immune to the scenes of bloodshed and violence. We are hardly bothered and the next day all returns to normal as to nothing happened.

When the US was attacked on 9/11 the Americans witnessed on of the greatest truths of their lives that they are “unsafe”. The Government put up and executed all the steps that were needed to completely re-establish the faith and feeling of safety in the hearts of the American Public and today we witness the result. From that Incident America learned so much that their land witnessed not a single terror strike whereas India on the other hand continued to face the brunt of negligence and animosity – resulting in the lives of several thousand Indians all over the country.

It is this very fact that we need Indians need to learn form our American counterparts. No matter how big we boast, India is still behind America in executing their plans to the fullest especially when national interest is put to task. It is hence the duty of each Indian to be aware and act strong in the hours of crises and the government too should act fast and formulate all the necessary requirements to fight against modern terrorism.

Let us stop thing about our own individual problems and think about the nation – fulfilling what we say are the duties for an Indian, then only we can call ourselves “Safe”.

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