Friday, September 04, 2009

Begining of the Third Semester!!

Well after the last practical exam yesterday it was time for the beginning of the Third Semester from the very next day itself i.e today, but due to the unfortunate death of Mr. Y S R Reddy, late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh due to a plane crash, the College announced an off for today. So all my plans have gone to dust in no time when it comes to attending the first day on any semester.

Although i am usually concerned with a lot of thoughts regarding the beginning of any new thing but the first day is usually a special one for me. I still remember the first day when i was in my college (Most of my readers know it as well.) It is thus necessary to emphasize how important my first day is.

Well tomorrow i suppose that the college will begin as per schedule, yet it wouldn't be a regular one, cause it's the Activity Day and we would be required for our respective clubs.

More importantly now as we are now in Second year of our College and we will be teaching our juniors the basics opf living in a college in just a few days form now, i.e. when our College Fest "Shradhanjali" preparation begins from 10th September. The main event is due to take place 0n the 17th, 18th and the 19th of September.

Hoping for a lot of Fun this Semester !!! (Specially September).

P.S: Our first Semester Result are due to come in this very first Week of September. So fingers crossed! Please pray for me my dear readers.

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