Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything is going Great....Is it...?

Well! Long time... since i last wrote a blog post, but the reason was genuine enough. This period was another and epic routine of my life. Meanwhile i am happy to tell u that now i am in my fourth semester, after i slogged out days and nights under extreme conditions (by them i mean.. a lot of course to complete, empty room, working in silent loneliness and no one there to understand your problems and help u get out of them). I am also pleased to inform all that i have secured 80% in my second semester RTU results, and was the second in the class unlike last time when i topped.

Moreover, i participated in the RISC (Recent Innovations in Software and Computers) and my research paper on cloud computing was selected for publishing in the Institution of Engineer's Souvenir Journal, making it my first research paper to be published in my life. My presentation was also an awesome example of my skills in public oration and my technical knowledge, regarding my subject. The public opinion said that my presentation was the second best after the presentation given by Dr. Pragya Jain who was the Chief Guest for the event from IIT Delhi. She presented on Grid Computing and its Application , whereas i presented on Cloud Computing and its Application.

Among all the laurels, i have earned during this period, i also had some huge disappointments along the way. I have surely underperformed as per my result of second semester is concerned. I am facing a certain resistance in each and every part of my life. I didn't perform up to the mark in two of my exams i.e. DE and EDC in my third Semester and giving the rest of the exams didn’t give me the same sort of happiness that usually exists apart from Linux and Maths Exam. For the first time in some years i must say, i cracked mathematics the way it should, but this time i was hardly worrying.

The subjects i knew which could have caused problems for me and may be a bit harder to keep in good touch than others, even after my best of efforts didn’t went according to my expectation and my preparation. The days prior to examinations i.e. preparatory leaves too left me among the books severely but still devoid of a lot of happiness. I am unable to understand from where this reversal in the flow of my life has actually begun to take place. I now know that certainly my life is not the same as it was before i suffered swine flu and i perhaps i have to restart again in certain key areas. My body’s resistance has certainly been tested and it has failed, but most worrying factor was the digestive system which is not even accepting the home cooked food; i was at my minimalistic diet at home, which is a huge concern.

So, apart from my studies in this semester, i certainly now need to look upon my diet carefully as i am starting to get feeble and weaker physically. I would be opting for a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certification Course for this semester from my college and also would be preparing for JAVA Core from private coaching. I would like to complete my IBM Project as my Fourth Semester project for Software Engineering. This would also give me a time to prepare for my courses apart from my studies for the fourth semester.

I surely need to fix soon whatever is wrong in my life. The worst part is that there is no one to share what exactly wrong is happening in my life. Perhaps, i need some break from my otherwise a highly workaholic life! 

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow... i surely would work towards it, cause i know there are no free gifts to offer in my life.

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