Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Password Encryption and Decryption is done?

Well, this is my first article on Cryptography and password encryption-decryption. I have decided to use password encryption for noob protection. Hence, you will have to read this tutorial on password encryption and cryptography to decrypt passwords.

Previously, I have posted many FUD keyloggers and crypters. But, many of them are now not FUD, mainly UD. I guess this is due to newbies who are not knowing the value of FUD keyloggers and crypters. So, to allow FUD softwares to remain FUD for a long time, I will now henceforth use password encryption i.e. I will encrypt passwords of zip file and you will have to decrypt them to get the FUD trojans. Sorry for the inconvenience friends, but this is necessary step for FUDing trojans.

Cryptography and Password Encryption: 

Cryptography is very simple method in which password string is converted to various forms to prevent any unwanted access to file.

How password encryption is done???

Password encryption can be done is various ways. Below, I am explaining simplest most password encryption that I have used to encrypt the file password.

Lets take an example say the password is - techotips
To encrypt password, I am using two password encryption techniques:
a. String Reversal
b. String to Hex conversion

And say I have to encrypt password in following way:
String to Hex-Reverse-String to Hex

1. From above expression, I have to first use String to Hex .
So, go to:
and enter our password- techotips in text box provided. Hit on Convert and you will see encrypted hex value in second text box.

2. Now, secondly, I have to use Reversal method.
So go to :
and enter encrypted hex value from step 1 in text box and hit on Reverse to get reversed encrypted value in second text box.

3. I have to use again String to Hex method.
So, again go to:
Enter the encypted value obtained from Step 2 and hit on Convert to get final encrypted value.

Thus, our final encrypted value for our password- techotips is :

So, password- techotips is encrypted to 333730373936343766363836333635363437.

For Base 64 encryption go to:

and For TRIPO-5 encryption go to:

How to decrypt given encrypted password:

So, lets decrypt our above encrypted password value.
I have used: String to Hex-Reverse-String to Hex as encryption method.
Now, to decrypt we have to use following decryption:
Hex to String-Reverse-Hex to String (Use exact opposite method as used for encryption).

I. Go to:
Enter the encrypted password string obtained in step 3 and hit on Convert to get a value.

II. Now, to reverse the value in step I,
Go to:
Enter value obtained in step I and hit on Reverse to get reversed value.

III. Again, we have to use Hex to String method.
Go to:
Enter value obtained in Step II and hit on Convert. You get the actual password: techotips.

So, we have decrypted the encrypted password-
333730373936343766363836333635363437 to actual password- techotips

For Base 64 decryption, go to:

For TRIPO-5 decryption, go to:

So friends, now I guess you all will be able to do password encryption and decryption with the help of above article. There are many other password encryption methods. I have explained the simplest method, I know. You can even make complex encryption by using using repeated reversal and hexing methods. If you have any problem in using this cryptographic method for password encryption, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Cryptography for password encryption and decryption...

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  1. hey can u tell me where d this all encrytion and decrypn is done...where i mean..whether it is dne in my pc..or in my modem..or on server etc...pls tell fast as u cn..