Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yes! I Am Alive - Reporting from Munich, Germany

It's been 2 years, 2 months and 13 days since my last post on this blog. That's quite a long time of inactivity and quite a long time to catch up in one post, so i will slowly try to bring out my experiences over time. For now, I just want to state that i am active again and this time reporting from Munich, Germany. It's such an amazing place. I currently live at a student wohnheim at Oberschleißheim.
Meine Student Wohnheim
I am now a Master's student at Technical University, Munich and to make it easier for people to catch up, i have re-updated the About Me Page, which has all the current details of my work. I make a special effort to keep my LinkedIn Profile updated, so that too can be a good starting point as well. 

An important distinction about my university is the amazing slide situated at my faculty (Mathematik - Informatik). Below is one picture, I took just before Christmas holidays in 2013. 
Slides and Christmas Tree at TU Muenchen.
I see, that my last post was the one, where i shared my class valedictorian speech delivered in 2012. Well, a lot happened between that day and today. In short: Got a research publication in a top tier conference in NLP, met amazing people at IIT Bombay and TU Munich, traveled to Germany, US and Austria, started learning German [Ja, Ich spreche bisschen Deutsche. :)] and started cooking on my own. Really, I am not joking take a look:
Arhar and Malka Dal  with Rice, Cucumber Raita and Salad
I will be more active, with more techy and nerdy posts, as I have got new and fresh energy this time to drive me through. I will focus towards sharing a lot of experiences, gained working in domain of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Distributed Systems.  So stay tuned for more stuff! 

Danke! Tschüss.

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