Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Blog!!

It's true indeed "Time passes away quite quickly." On this very day two years ago i.e. 12 July, 2006 when i was just 16 years of age i started Blogging. I made my Blog and dedicated a bit of my time towards my Blog.

Initially, I did not give too much of my interest towards my blog because of my academic commitments but now when i am free as a bird, I have loads of free time so I am moving one step forward i.e. to become a more professional blogger.

I do thank all my Blog readers and Visitors on this very day to help me keep interested in keeping the blog to a state as it needs to be.

I also promise for some exciting and important posts in the future that will really help you in your daily Life.

To my Blog,
Wish you once again for your "2nd Anniversary".

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