Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Journey To Rajgir and Vaishali (Hindi Articles)

Recently, i met my father's friend who was the Chief Editor of "Nalanda Vani" a Hindi magazine that is published after every three months for Bihar region. He asked me to account my description of the journey, during which i visited Ragir and Vaishali in Bihar District.

So i full proofed it and decided to send him my work. And asked him whether i can put it on my Public Blog which he agreed. So here I am for all those people who want to know about the historic and cultural city of Rajgir and Vaishali (Bihar).

This article is written in Hindi and is in PDF file format. It imparts the impressions that i recieved from the holy land which gave me deep shivers due to the outflow of the historical knowledge about our brilliant past.

Rajgir- An Important Tourist Destination ---- Download File

Vaishali - An Ancient Economic Centre of Bihar --- Download file

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