Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Think about the Environment, Think about Yourself!!

Most environmentalist believe that when all the resources of the earth finish up the human race will be the last race that will be left on planet earth waiting to be destroyed by themselves in one or two years. Quite tragic but the truth is the fact that the day is arriving too soon than our liking. To begin with the fuel prices that are soaring to new heights daily and the food shortage is even being felt by the most advanced (so called ) nation in the world i.e. the US. Also the fact that Global Warming and melting of Ice caps are causing us enough troubles with natural disasters occurring in almost every part of the world and causing a great damage to both life and property almost everywhere and it’s sad to say that we are getting used to it slowly.

It’s a sign of things to come. the fact that we as humans have a greater hold on all our resources (since we are the most developed of all species as yet known), the risk of we being it’s enemies is quite high too. Natural Resources are a one time gold that remains in our hand and vanishes in the next minute. The truth lies in the fact that with increasing demands and growing population it’s almost impossible to give every individual what they want especially the natural things. Gone are the days when the people used to grow their own food, had their own wells for their needs for water and never used to get caught with diseases. The human of today’s world is weak and vulnerable of a number of diseases and not only the natural ones but the ones that he has created for himself in his daily life. Most BPO’s have a common problem of pain in their necks and their backs due to prolonged work on their office desks and in front of their computers typing for hours. That’s something quite common considering the fact that today our world is incomplete without the use of computers but the fat remains whether we are ready to risk our own lives for our job and the answer is simple….Yes!

Everybody lives for money in today’s world and health consciousness has really gone down since the number of people who go to morning walks are really quite meager and are mostly people who are old. Young Generation is not involved in such activities as they consider it a waste. And they pay more attention to other modes of entertainment like the TV’s, PC and Console games and their mobiles. Internet too has been quite a favorite pastime for many people. Though, it’s not a crime to get involved in these activities but an addiction to them can be lethal not only to you but to your environment as well. Yes! The environment is also very much affected. All your great techy goodies require a source of energy and energy is drawn like water by them almost everyday in surplus amounts when we use them for hours. As most of the electricity that is produced in the world is by burning coal, hence more the energy used leads to an equivalent amount of depletion in coal reserves of the country leading to an even darker future.

So let us pledge that we will start be more concerned to our environment so that we do reap our interest of saving our lives for some more time onwards.

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