Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Type your emotions: Blogging your Daily Diary

Diary writing is one of the most sought out and important aspect for many people around the globe, but people have now started to use their blogs as their personal Diary to express their grief and happiness about the events in their life. Not surprisingly, we find many celebrities have started to develop into pro-bloggers accounting their everyday blogs on their respective blogs. Some of the prominent activist in this regard may be mentioned as Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir khan, Shekhar Kapoor……… and many more as the list is growing each passing day. Well! The question that is to be asked as why people are actually using this mode of communication? All those people who used to write diaries used to keep them a secret and quite away from their friends and even their parents and its secrecy was considered as of prime importance.

Then ! What on earth made people start to share what they feel and what they think about topics that might be important or vague to the general public! A simple answer to this may be considered as a fact that people like publicity and in any form as it may come: it’s welcomed by the Celebs. Not many people started writing when Abdul Kalam during his Presidential Reign had his website and urged the people to think about the country. Although his website was a huge success which is even managed today under a different domain name since he is not the president anymore but still it was a head start in the field of using online content as a weapon to change the society.

How much the blog hits success lane, it’s determined by the content it has and why it should be read by people in the country and around the world solely depends whether the content deserves the adulation that it promises.

I do hope that people start blogging their diaries with a hint of caution that since it’s a powerful tool, it should be handled with utmost care. Especially by those people who have a lot of fan following to their blogs.

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