Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At Home after 3 Months!!!

Yes! I am back in home. After 3 months as the last post on by blog was way back in 2008, December 8. This post is my very first in the New Year. To begin with i wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous New Year!!

This year in many ways has been a great year for me. At ACEIT (my college) i have learned a lot and believe me i have changed the way i used to live my life.... one distinct change I have got a new Hairstyle.

I have been in the hostel all this time , made new friends, learned new skills in various engineering disciples and also taken up T.T. (Table Tennis). Life has changed completely. I am waking up each day knowing that today has something new in store for me and this is really what makes my life all the more exciting.

The most improbable change this year is that i have started living what we all call "A Life". I am enjoying my own individuality and the freedom that i always associate with myself.

Yes! I can proudly say I have changed and i welcome it with both my arms open.......

But still my moto remains:
"Light up the Darkness."

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