Friday, February 20, 2009

Life at ACEIT!

The Administrative and I.T. Block of ACEIT, Kukas, Jaipur.

Yes!! This post is all about my college, Arya College of Engineering and Information Technology or simply ACEIT. Yes that's my college and it is situated in the outskirts of Jaipur at Kukas (Some 20 km away from Jaipur city towards Delhi and near the NH-08 Jaipur – Delhi Highway.). The most famous landmark which is near by our college is the luxurious Le Meridian and Cambay Hotel. Also nearby are the Industrial Campus of Ericsson and the other Colleges like the Jaipur Engineering College, Shankara College of Engineering and the Pearl Academy of Fashion  Designing. My college ACEIT is one of the three Colleges that come under the “Arya Group of Colleges”. The other Colleges are the AIET (Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology) and the AECRC (Arya Engineering College and Research Centre).

The Arya Colleges Have a great reputation in Jaipur and among the private colleges it ranks among the top 3 Colleges in Rajasthan for its placement and infrastructure.
Well in all I have got a pretty nice college to start with even though it still lacks way behind the IIT’s and the NIT’s. But that is now not a question to be asked. When I am at ACEIT it’s no less than any IIT or NIT for me. It is the sole and foremost college of the world right now for me – And perhaps that’s what matters the most.

Most probably there will be changes in the college as the administration is also refining its views and leaving its conservative nature towards the students. May be more exposure will be given to the students who will be enrolled somewhere down the lane. There are talks about that the College will come under the direct Selection board of the AIEEE and then the selection to the college will only occur through AIEEE. As more and more companies keep on visiting the Campus for recruiting new students, the College will be going higher and higher in the near future.

The college has an Annual Fest and a Sports week, featuring the prestigious “Arya Cup”, which is the Inter Branch Cricket tournament played to determine the cricketing supremacy at the Arya College. “Shradhanjali” is a cultural fest that is given in the month of September - October every year by the 3rd year batch to the outgoing 4th year batch as a mark of “Farewell”, which too includes many activities such as Blogging, Music and Dance Competition, Just a minute, Debate, Group Discussions and many more. The event is also open to the students of other colleges for participation. The winners of the events are awarded Cash Prizes by the Arya College Board.

As I spend more time at the Campus I will surely know a lot more about my College and perhaps it’s necessary as well. Being a boy from Delhi, I had confronted some of the strangest situations in my College, which has to be mentioned – I suppose! One thing I noticed directly staying for some 5 months in Rajasthan is the spirit of Regionalism and Casteism (though not much of a Religionist attitude.) Yes the Regionalism is prevalent and the students at the college reflect it all the way, from where you belong, is very important in having a healthier relationship, which is kinnda strange being form a Multi-Diverse state like Delhi. But there is also one great thing about the Rajasthani Culture its actually very ‘homely’ and ‘welcoming to strangers’. That‘s exactly the reason why the foreigners and even many Indians prefer Rajasthan as their Holiday destination. So even though there are troubles that people face due to regionalism, given a restrictive and correct attitude with a bit of avoidance towards social topics, one can find the life at Rajasthan pretty enjoyable.

As I am now living in Rajasthan, I have found how life is affected by the surrounding environment. I have been to several Places in my life. My hometown being Uttarakhand, lived the initial 2-3 years of my life in Mumbai, then a long stint of 16 years in Delhi from where I did all my schooling, then a short stint of 1 year at Patna (coaching for a year at FIITJEE in my dropout period) and now since the past six months in Jaipur (Rajasthan) at my college. So in one way or the other I have the sole privilege of living in the Northern, Eastern and the Western part of the Country.

Life has been great so far at Rajasthan and at ACEIT. I can never forget the joy that I had when I had finally enrolled myself into a college on the basis of my AIEEE Rank. It was a special day and a special moment for me as it started a new chapter in my life. And after that life was never the same!


  1. cool description abt college........
    best sentence that it is no less than iit & niit for every student....those are a part of this college........

  2. well i liked your english and the way you presented your college
    i also want to come in arya college(aceit)
    and my name is also ankit