Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The New Year Post!

Hi! I wish all my blogger friends a very happy and prosperous new Year 2010!

Certainly 2009, was an amazing year for me..although the last two months brought up a grave but a very important experience for me.... First i would like to thank all my well wishers who had prayed for me when i was ill... and then my family members who were there with me at perhaps the most critical periods of my life. I would also like to tell my life.....Thank You!

The Last few days have been really exciting... nevertheless i am rediscovering myself even further. My quest for finding out the answer to the ultimate question of my life i.e. Who am I? is really been answered in several different ways...just as its said that the solution to a mathematical problem can be given by various methodologies, in the same way i have followed the events of my life so closely that every time i am close to saying that "I am Done!" An event occurs that changes my life so dynamically!  

Also would like to mention that i have seen two of the most brilliantly directed movies of my life so far...2012 and 3 Idiots. Both bring out a message to the Audience and perhaps the Concerned viewer that somethings are going wrong out there in this present world and we have everything in our hands to conquer these problems for a better tomorrow. Although 3 Idiots remains to be my best pic so far....the direction, acting, screenplay, storyline, cinematography ..... and countless other factors make the movie an instant Hit! no wonder it's an all time Hit in the Bollywood. It has perhaps everything that is loved and cherished by an Indian Audience....My next endeavor is to have a crack at Avatar in 3d perhaps the IMAX version....lets hope that my dream is realised.....

So Folks would sign off with a 'Free Advice' : Go and watch 3 Idiots its awesome...... After all the movie brings the new mantra for this New Year...

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