Monday, January 18, 2010

A night under the sun....

Sun and the nights seem an unmatched combination, yet there are times in life when one experiences such strange but true situations. A holistic approach to life will result in more clarity. There are enough instances that are making me realize the trouncing effects life can have on a person both physically and mentally..

Well won't like to scare the hell off anyone, but right now what i am facing is not far away from what i described recently.... i am experiencing nights in the sun.

Tough luck ..but something which is quite common to me...Although there are a few positives even in such a strange passage which constitutes beefed loneliness and placid environmental conditions. the positives are innovative mindset, thoughtful approach to life, caring about close and dear friends and making amends to several other factors defining the state of my career. Although i am quite convinced about my capability to resurrect myself under the most dangerous of situations yet  its  important for me to take more preventive steps rather than curing for a given problem which i suspect with a high probability of its occurrence.

Its quite surprising but true when you listen to such claims as future prediction but as per my intuition goes i am pretty much sure what can happen and  it has proven time and again that lets me to give away the thought of laying my precious time to validate this claim of mine..

Right now i am giving myself a silent period to enhance my skills away from some friends of mine so that i can help them to face some problems in a better manner....

Still waiting for the miracle in my life which is spell bounded to my wish.... and not natural which usually grafts my life. A life full of miracles resulted into what i am today... what will happen in the future i don't know exactly but the haze and lightening sometimes scares me.....

Please somehow .....Save me from Myself!!!

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