Friday, June 25, 2010

My Return Post!

Alrite friends its been about 2 months since i last posted something on my blog..perhaps the tstament of the fact that i was really busy with my schedule. Humm.. Well i keep getting involved in a lot of stuff so no point discussing that here. Folks! One.. now i have also added JAVA in my armory, a completely OOP language which has great scope even in the development of the applications for www. Moreover now i am also a Trained Red Hat Linux Engineer (would soon give my certification to be crowned as a Red Hat Certified Engineer) and same is thought for the Sun Java Certification, but it sometime from now.

I am into my research work as well. Recently i submitted my paper for the IEEE International Conference on Parallel Data and Grid Computing PGDC-2010 @ Jaypee University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh. It was titled "Energy Efficient Computing using Cloud".

Now the next step is what really excites me...  I am trying to take private Cloud Computing to a whole new Level. By integrating the concept of Cluster and Grids on a Cloud Platform with Linux as a back-end operating system (Primarily i have started with Red hat Linux), we can get access to a whole new unexplored dimension of cloud computing which can be really useful for the local systems which cannot get access to publicly owned clouds and help build own clouds which shares the common resources of the network at a far more superior performance which is never experienced before.

Semester Exams are too approaching. Today my preparatory leave for the semester exams would begin. As i gave my last midterm examination today i realised that i have a lot to study for the semester exams if i do not want to face a situation where my position in the college is compromised. So, i am determined not to give up things easily.

A minor hiccup occurred a few days ago..which could have turned into a grave problem.. Thankfully the problems seems to be resolved now. Hopefully i can work with my purest and soulful interest without worrying too much. Although the problem had a silver lining... m glad it happened cause i can now stay relaxed as i learned and got the best out of what the situation had to offer.I am happy for one fact now i know as to how  exactly i should lead my life further...

Exciting days lie ahead.... Wish me Luck!!!
Thanks for being a patient reader.... bye for now.... Cheers!!!

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