Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feeling a rush of energy in my veins...

Its been a long time since i updated my blog and not surprisingly i was really really busy. Currently, i am pursuing my third consecutive internship at IIT Bombay and is working on my final year project involving Distributed Computing using Hadoop MapReduce and Natural Language Processing. But before that i was involved in my 7th semester exams and prior to that i was busy with placements. 

And for the record.. Yeah i did get place in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). Sadly, the placement procedure lacked any feeling of excitement so i am not in a mood to describe that.. perhaps that can be done some other day. Apart from all the college stuff i was left with a minor setback... umm.. setback might not be the right word but it delayed some of 'good work' in progress. Cutting the story short, i was to appear for my GRE on 16th December but i was stupid enough not to inquire about a passport, which ironically i didn't have and it was the sole requirement to my entry into GRE examination center. Anyway, i reschedule it with some time in my hand and to carry on with all the stuff that i have planned i will be giving the same on March 13th. I too will be appearing for GATE on 12th Feb and currently it largely remains one of my supreme priorities. Meanwhile, i joined here in Mumbai at a very good time this time, unlike the previous occasion where my entire 2 month stay was marred by the infamous Mumbai Rains. 

I was fortunate to attend Mood Indigo the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay. The most hall marking was the live performances at OAT by Agnee Band and The Raghu Dixit Project on The Indie Fusion Night and the performance by KK on popular nite. There were international performances by Akcent and Karnivool - A progressive rock band from Australia. The most phenomenal for me among all was the perfomance by Ragu Dixit with his ultimate tracks like Ambar, Har sans me har dhadkan, Mysore se aayi etc.
Raghu Dixit Live in Concert at Mood Indigo 2011,  IIT Bombay
Raghu Dixit
It was a truly mesmerizing performance indeed. I really had loads of fun dancing my way all along on the awesome tracks and enthralling music which touched souls. 
The Taj mahal Hotel and the Gateway of India

Sunset at Mandwa Beach

Moving on the fun i had on MoodI, i also visited Alibagh and Madwa beaches by taking a ferry from Colaba (Gateway of India). And it happened on Christmas day, which made one of the best outings since some time.  

Alibagh Beach

Both the Mandwa and  Alibagh beaches are beautiful full of natural scenic beauty. The Alibah beach also had the Kolaba Fort across the sea shores and it was primarily used as a Naval base by the Armies of Shivaji. 

Cannon at Kolaba Fort

It was a really nice experience at the beach and the nearby fort, not to forget the 1 hour journey across the Arabian Sea on a ferry, where we spotted a number of sea vessels which we usually do not confront in our day to day lives.
Kolaba Fort, Alibagh
All in all i had a wonderful time lately after all the hard work that was put up early during the year, i look forward to closing this year on a high. I am back at work, and by that i mean supreme work. I can sense that a new energy is flowing through my veins and i am excited about all the prospects i see for my self in the near future. I am glad that year 2011 turned the way it did. It begun with the most memorable incident, which was a life changing one and also constituted 2 of the most heart breaking incidents of my life so far. I shall take this year as an important year of my life and look forward to 2012 as another very important year of my life. 

But, the biggest point to mention here is that there is a positive energy which is flowing which tells me that things can be done right, no matter what... its more important to put my ideas into execution than just to have them. Today the demand is to execute ideas fast and successfully and not to worry about the quality too much and somehow my methods are merging on those lines. I can see what is next step and I am already on it.. the only thing that is on my mind is not to waste too much of time and work hard.. Success or Failure.. doesn't matter to me anymore. What matters now,  is that i am at my best and i give more than a 100% as i always do :)

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