Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012 :)

Another year flies away... and now its 2012. And no matter whosoever is my reader, i wish him a very happy and prosperous new year and hope that you have a great year ahead.

Sometimes, i wonder what difference does a new year really make in our day to day lives?Some may put up a point that we will now be writing a whole new year in our date column. But, frankly looking closely what does a new year really signify?

To bring my perspective into light, i may say that a new year's day is just an extension to all the other days (here i mean 31st December) that we have in our lives. So what's the real fuss all about? And to be honest, if we self introspect we can find the answers pretty easily... Looking towards a new year is looking ahead in life. It shows the positive side of a person, who always wants to look ahead in life and make things better than what he has. And with a new year, he looks to either get a fresh beginning or continue in a better way than the way he is proceeding. A new year is nothing but a new hope towards life, that things will be better than the previous year. We tend to move forward with this positive energy and make our lives better.

On the other side, there is this one year gone out of our lives. Talking about myself, i have certainly grown to new level since last year. The year 2011 was special to me for more than one  reason. As i discussed in my previous post, i experienced a mixed bag of extreme sorrow and bliss in one single year. I realize now how much my life has changed and what all is in store for me is really unthinkable at times. I wont think too much about the future right now but i certainly believe in one fact that there is a force beyond self that drives me everyday and is associated in all the aspects of my life and that will always amaze me, no matter where i am and what i end up doing. 2012 will be another crucial year in my life, something that will shape a large part of my future life. It would also be an year when i finally will be an Engineer. As, with any other individual, i too would like things to be balanced. By that i mean, a mixed bag of sorrow and bliss is fine until the balance is tilted towards bliss  more. Yet, I think the last year was a great learning experience for me. And going by that all i wish is to take forward the same perspective into next year as well. I have few key hurdles that i need to cross this year and certainly would like to do so as perfectly and smoothly as possible. I am now coming to terms with the fact that towards the bottom of everything, a person has to find an answer, a result, or an output. I know process is the key, but getting to the end of it with a finite output is also important. 

I hope for the best and i wish the same for everyone around me or who is directly or indirectly associated with me. Wishing u again a great new year 2012. Have Fun <3


  1. happy new year to the author he is a close friend of mine so i wish him a lot of personal and career growth.growth is very important,it is the soul purpose of our existence.we should keep evolving to bring an effective change in ourselves and in the society.i am glad he is a smart and a responsible person who understands this basic principle of life.
    have a great year ahead..god bless