Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simple Executions

How simple is it to execute an idea into a product? A thought provoking idea can ideally simulate a person to think and navigate in the depths of his mind to come up with ways to execute it. But question is how easy or simple is it to shape to the form that you originally intended? The answer is not straightforward as one might think. 

Ideas are very fragile and if not taken care, they can vaporize even before their formation.  They are key to innovation and making a change in existing scheme of things. One can claim that imagination is the breeding ground of ideas. In that fantasy world one can defy all laws of physics known to man, be-killed and reborn, have a god-like state where literally anything is possible. But, when the light is lit and the bubble of fantasy is blown away, the mirror of reality is upon us. When we imagine, we seek the un-achievable, the ever so impossible in our wildest dreams, but in reality we refrain ourselves, thinking that reality is different from fantasy. Sometimes, its logic and defying logic is considered craziness. When you look into the historical facts, how many times a "crazy" idea became a game changer. There are no numbers to back this, but some of the most successful companies in the world started in the atmosphere of craziness. So being crazy, in the current context can be a blessing in disguise.  

So, you have a crazy idea, what are the next steps. In my opinion its delivering a simple execution, without over-thought. Over thinking kills creativity. Often the best ideas have simple executions. If its not simple to execute (not accounting the complexity behind the process governing execution) i.e. understanding in oneself if its possible to get 'X' thing done for goal 'Y' using 'Z' resources, even if there are hardships along the way. Having a clarity of thought to go the distance, is essential for simple executions. 

Its not about ideas alone, what matters is making them happen and simple executions is the way ahead, hardships are just a consequence and the price all need to pay for success.

tl;dr Best Ideas have Simple Executions.     

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