Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Day at College and LT1

After my first day at the hostel situated in campus of Arya College, Jaipur, It was the most awaited day of my life- “My first day at College”. As per as I was concerned I was a bit down after not getting through the IIT’s but yet I was happy that finally I was in a college even if it wasn’t the best within the bunch.

Arya College is aid to be one of the three best private colleges in Rajasthan in terms of Infrastructure, study Environment and Faculty after JECRC and SKIT. As I was unable to get through any of these colleges, I had to satisfy myself with Arya College.
Arya College not really being the best of the best college as I heard from many of my inmates and the students studying at Rajasthan, gave me yet another reason to work even harder and rigorously so as to make my mark in life.

So at 6.30 AM I woke up and continued through my daily routine and was ready for college with just one rough register in the hand for my first day at the College by 7 AM. Again we all were called for Morning breakfast at 7.30 AM and there we were served with Milk/Tea and we were given “Kachauri’s” along with “Aloo ka Saag”.
The food was fine but the element of mother’s love was missing. Ye I took my breakfast and was then went back into my room to take in my register. All the first year students including me assembled in front of the college main gate at head campus building for further instructions. Being in a Computer Science Section we were the first ones to be called in. We were directed to go in to the Lecture Theater 1 on the Left side Gallery of the main gate. Some 70 students went in to L T 1, which was the classroom for all the Computer Science students. There we were told that it was a temporary that all students will remain in the same class. The batch will be divided into two sections A and B according to their names. Namely the students whose names begin with A-N will remain in Section 'A' and the rest will remain in Section 'B'. Although on the first day there was no division of students but that was what is supposed to happen in future. My name being Ankit Bahuguna with initials 'A' I eventually ended up in CS-A section.

Alright after the initial information, our Faculty for Chemistry entered the room. He gave a warm welcome to Arya College through his interaction with students which included our introduction as well. He gave us the syllabus and the books that we need to refer to for First Semester. The next Class was of Mathematics and our HOD (aka. Head of Department) attended our first class again started by taking our introduction and then he gave the maths syllabus and started with the topic “Partial Differentiation”. It was easy topic as I had already practiced it while my preparations for JEE. The period ended soulfully and then the English period begun, where our HOD attended our class. She was quite frank with the students and asked about our first day at the college. So we all related our experiences to her about how we were feeling at college. Various thoughts were put forward my students who were together, coming from various parts of the country altogether under one roof.

It was a nice and interactive Class - Full of Fun! After the English class we were called in for a break. Being a hosteler I had to report to Mess at 11.50 AM. There we were served Arhar Daal along with Chawal. It is without doubt one of my most favorite combinations but yet it laced the elements that used to lure me towards it. But in the end my hunger was satisfied with the meal.
After the break I went in back with few of my newly made friends back in to the LT 1. As soon as the break was over we were called in to the Computer Lab. It was a sort of an intro-class. Where the students were introduced with their systems that they will be using in the next years to learn programming – the cradle for their lives ahead.

Among all of us there were certain students, who were quite good at the facts and figures related to computer and programming languages. And there were some students who saw a computer for the first time. To bridge in such a huge gap our Faculty of Computer Science decided to gave all of us a total intro class in Computers- relating to all the very basics about computers. We all were taught computers the way it is taught to a 2 year old kid in kindergarten. This was frustrating on one hand but it also reflected the dedication that our Computer Science faculty has towards all types of students which is worth mentioning. The lab session carried on for 2 hours duration and as clock struck 2.20 PM, the college bell rang indicating that my first day at the College campus was finally over.

Although the hallmark of the first day was the Introduction and the rules and regulations that was discussed by almost all our faculty of all branches. Engineering being a professional field we all were ordered not to wear round neck T-Shirts, Sandals or even Cargo Jeans while coming to college. It was tough at the first instance thinking myself in complete formal mode, as I had not brought not even a single pant for myself. All I had were Jeans. But then the relief came as there was no restrictions on jeans even though it wasn't formal by any means. Yet, the first day had it's share of happiness associated with it as we can now finally confidently call ourselves - College Students.

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