Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Day in a College Hostel!

After grueling one year of the hectic coaching schedule, I finally made through to a phase of life which we all call – “College Life”.

No matter how much you work hard or desire, “you can’t always get what you want” and that is what I learnt after my fate. Well after preparing hard for the IIT’s and not getting through it, I was disappointed and annoyed after I was selected in the Computer Science Engineering at Arya College of Engineering and IT at Kukas - Jaipur, Rajasthan though AIEEE.

But after going there I have come to terms with certain reality in life i.e. a life outside an IIT. Something new for me and strange too. I never thought out for such a day straight away. Well still, the coveted day arrived on October 1, 2008 and it was the first day at College. To attend the first day I reached my HOSTEL #3 (For First Year Students only) at 4 PM, with all my beddings and clothing. I was provided with a Three-Seated room and Room # 31 on the Second Floor. My father left me at 4.15 PM, as he had to board his bus back to New Delhi, so we hurriedly set up one set of Closet, Table and Bed temporarily leaving the rest as it is. It was a painful yet emotional departure for me with father! As my heart filled with tears of emotions yet my face gave a slight smile as I bid goodbye to my father outside the college gate.

As I returned back to my room I went in through cleaning a dusting my table! I arranged all my clothes in my closet and also arranged my bed properly. As time went by students from various parts of the country mainly from Rajasthan came with their families one by one to take their respective hostel rooms. I too began my introduction routine as I tried to meet as many students right on the first day of their arrival. It was something different, as my head was flooded with a number of names, branches and places. After a long cross introduction session I decided to take some rest as I had not been to sleep for a while waiting patiently for my other 2 roommates to arrive.

It was 7.30 PM soon and all the first year students were called by the hostel security guard for their first dinner in College Hostel MESS. We were served with Chapatis and Rice along with Arhar Daal and Gobhi ki Sabji. It was fine but then I started to remember the food cooked by mom. It was nowhere close to that quality and love that my mother used to nourish exclusively for me.

After the Dinner I started to read some of the books that I had carried over form Delhi (C Programming books- Course Book). At 10 PM I decide to go to sleep as I had to get up at 6.30 in the morning and be ready for my first day at the college. With no room mate to spend some time with I had to go to sleep alone in the loneliest places on earth with an air so still as if it had been murdered ages ago. Although I was not afraid of the loneliness in the air yet as I was quite used to it beforehand. Yet the Experience was a strange and one to remember with. As the night wore on I went to bed, with a question inside my head – As to what will happen tomorrow : on my first day at college?

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