Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay :)

IIT Bombay, Main Building

Again..... after a very long layoff i blog again but this time its a different feeling and a different mindset all together. I am now blogging as a Junior Research Fellow @ Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. And yes i must say that probably this has been the most memorable time of my life in terms of academic learning experience.

Automation Lab (CDEEP)
Its been barely a month now, as i joined on the 31th of January 2011, I have been stationed at the Automation Lab (CDEEP Department). I am working on the Virtual Lab Project a sponsored project by MHRD Government of India as a part of my research work. As a junior research fellow i will spend in about approximately less than 3 months here at IIT Bombay and i am hoping to enjoy every bit of my stay here in this temple of excellence.
Powai Lake Side View (Powai City)
Again like any other new place adjusting to conditions is what remained a tough act to conquer.... Coming to IIT Bombay, i faced a new problem... 'Commutation'. I stay at Tansa House - titled as the "King of Campus" and the Automation Lab is roughly 1.5 km away from it. So, everyday i have to take that route 4 times and hence about 5km of daily walks are there in the schedule.... Its a huge shift to any of my previous accommodation as it was barely a few hundred meters that you traveled to reach your destination.  Although it must be said that the campus of IIT Bombay is simply beautiful.... Henceforth, that tiredness and weariness to travel that far goes away. The campus is a peaceful place away from the otherwise highly crowded Mumbai City, which many people compare to hell at times (it is to be noted that this is what usually all metros are referred now a days) and is a nice setup for the students to learn and make outstanding careers.
Victor Menezes Convention Centre

Coming to the learning experience.... In a months time, i have attended 3 international seminars and 2 workshops. The talks are given by the people who are pioneer in their fields and their work has been of  immense value to the world. Some prominent talks, that i was fortunate enough to attend was of  Dr. F C. Kohli, Dr. Tom Leighton, Dr. John Hopcroft, Mr. Ajit Balaksrishnan etc...I also attended the Annual Symposium of the IITB-Monash Research Academy, which made me aware about the recent research and development activities happening in and around IIT Bombay and Monash Univerity, Australia @ Victor Menezes Convention Centre. The Centre itself is a world class, with state of the art facilities making it an amazing time to even attend otherwise so called boring talks and seminars :P
Infinite Corridor
As we walk down the 'Infinite Corridor' we can find the rich blend of academic blocks along with nature with many trees in between the Infinite corridor connects almost each and every major academic block on the campus with all the departments connecting to either side of it. It is an amazing site as you might end up waking with someone who could be the next candidate for the Nobel Prize :)

Although, there is still something that teases me everyday when i walk along the mighty path of 4-5 km everyday.. the IIT Buses. Well, not on their part but on my part... as everyday i think of making a bus pass for myself to end this rigorous journey, but soon i realize that these are the moments i want to cherish ... and perhaps more time on foot also gives me that much extra time to feel the pleasure of being an IITian.  :)

IIT Bombay Busses


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