Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Axe on the head but still singing glory songs :)

Well.. we all know what deadlines mean.... and its a sort of a pain in your life one after the seems the work never seems to end. Since the past two weeks we have been forced (in an unconventional way) into Hackathons.... days and nights  seem equivalent.  It doesn't really matter what time of the day it actually is, when your are glued to writing the codes in  front of your computer screens and we work round the clock (Don't be mistaken i am talking about the 24 hr one...). But its damn fun to say the least.... Anyway, the project on which i was working i.e. the Single Board Heater System Virtual Lab is up and running... We have made some awesome changes and also automated a lot of processes, which were conventionally designed for a manual intervention.... So, kudos on that ... well done to the entire SBHS team :D. The next part is the "Documentation" of this work... And here is what the painstaking work begins. I have been busy writing the server deployment guide, the architecture of the system and the SRS to be in place. There also has been some talks about the optimization issues to be looked into the whole communication process which is purely based on the weird remote invocation method used in JavaSE's network communication (Thanks a lot Victor for that.. Huff!!) . But its quite resolved now ..... we have been quite a force lately.... \w/ !!!

As per the research work...umm have been studying the research papers in CS 620 course... been busy analyzing various aspects of Xen and KVM Hypervisor technologies. I m getting more inclined towards building up with the Eucalyptus (preferably a Xen Based)  module for my project although there are a few specific versions which i will try out in parallel one being the xen cloud version. I recently have also been involved in learning to develop on the ANDROID platform..... I must say thanks to Vivek Khurana!

Work has put me at stretch considering m also managing my semester studies on my own, as for some reason, i want to study just about everything  during this time... certainly my concentration levels are high.... allowing me to stick to the seat for that long :P. Although the serious deadlines have me under a lot of hammer ... and each day i am just trying to get an escape from that with the help of Music Therapy ( They say na.. when music hits you... you don't feel the pain! True for me i guess all my life)... Each day the galore goes from Indian Ocean's Kandisa to the Chords of Eric Clapton.... and somedays my bro records a song for me which is a real onus to listen to... something different from the league guess... Amateur Fun!!! On a more serious note... i must say that my brother has certainly picked up guitar very quickly..and each day he is getting better...picking up the musical way makes him way too better than me!!! And i want to wish him all the very best as well.....

PS. Cricket world cup fever is on..... but so far its not been able to get a hold of me... perhaps these are the signs that might just put India finally across the line.... All the best to the 'Men in Blue' (one i.e. sponsored by Nike) :P.


  1. awsm!!!!!! nice 2 read bout u here..........
    Its really a gr8 work, well done Ankit.